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Minecraft Skindex Skin Editor

The cool minecraft skins let you add all kinds of unique characters to your blocky adventures, and even though they're mostly cosmetic modifications, they may make a major difference in your game. From Avengers to Zelda, Star Wars to Simpsons, and everything else you can think of, you can go exploring with all of your favorite characters. We've compiled a list of the best Minecraft skins we've found, along with information on where you can obtain them so you can brighten up your Minecraft world.

What is the best way to install Minecraft skins?

If you haven't applied a Minecraft skin in a while, this guide will help you remember how to do it. On the main menu of the Windows 10 edition of the game, click the coathanger icon in the bottom right corner. At the top of the screen, you'll see your default Steve and Alex skins. Avoid them by clicking on the blank skin on Steve's right.

This is the default custom skin (which is honestly rather frightening). The ‘Choose New Skin' prompt will appear on the right, below the words custom. When you click it, your computer's downloads folder will open. Simply choose the.PNG file you made or downloaded from your preferred Minecraft skin provider, and confirm. Your skin should be ready to use once you click confirm.

Minecraft Skins

Minecraft skins that are the best


After witnessing Endgame, are you still reeling? Play as Thanos to put yourself in the shoes of a mortal foe. You might think that wearing the skin of an eternal-deviant hybrid capable of reducing half of the population to ashes would detract from Minecraft's poverty to riches theme, but even The Mad Titan (*glares at Thor*) is vulnerable to a skeleton arrow to the head in this block-bound reality. With the unlimited power of the Infinity Gauntlet mod, you can even go all out with your cosplay. You can also get skins for actual Avengers like Ant-Man if you want to play for the opposing team, but if you do, promise us you'll keep away from his butt.

Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character from the HBO series Game of Thrones.

With the final season of Game of Thrones coming to an end and no good Westeros simulator in sight, you might want to dress up as Khaleesi. Going all the way to ‘The End' and confronting the Ender Dragon as the mother of their kind may be extremely cathartic. Unfortunately, they will not follow your instructions, and you will have to remove the arrows. You can gather their dragon eggs but not nurture or tame them. But, as always, there's a mod for that.


Any young adventurer wishing to go out alone in the wilderness would be well served by a Minecraft skin featuring the Hero of Time himself. In the countless dungeons underneath, there are undoubtedly some horrible animals, and with Minecraft's nearly unlimited globe, who knows what you'll encounter! Before you go all-in, make sure to imbue your swords with magic at an enchanting table. There's also a mod for making the experience feel a little more authentic, similar to Breath of the Wild.


Minecraft players who wish to establish their shop in the swamp biome and eat sugar cane and mushrooms will love this little green Jedi warrior. Make friends with the local slimes, build a swamp home, and wait for your padawan to arrive. Or, I suppose, he might crash his X-Wing into your house. That appears to work as well.


Minecraft has always been a toybox for your creativity, and there aren't many characters who can help you embrace that side of the sandbox like Woody. This is perhaps the ideal option for players who want to set up a good ranch, tame some sheep for their colored dye, and live humbly in the countryside away from the outlaw life. Just keep an eye out for an army of cops waiting to rob you in front of your barn door.

Homer Simpson is a fictional character created by Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson, while being a 2D cartoon character, is no stranger to the realm of 3D. Play as a slacker nuclear power plant employee who is forced to fend for himself in a perilous wilderness. If you're a bit of a recluse who spends all day crafting in your little cottage, this could be the skin for you. Although there are no doughnuts in Minecraft, if you've read this far, you should be aware that there is a mod to remedy this.

Donald Duck is a cartoon character.

In Minecraft, there are no ducks, only chickens, which is a complete travesty. Why don't you make amends by taking on the role of one of Disney's most famous characters? Quack assault crowds in deep tunnels, seeking diamond reparations for this grave crime against waterfowl, as you squabble to your heart's content. You may even encourage your buddies to dress up as Sora and Goofy to complete the Kingdom Hearts set if you're playing with them. That's what I call a crossover.

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